30th May 2024

This may occasionally sound a bit of woo-woo.

I consider we live in The Matrix.

A simulation; a consistently shifting quantum actuality, a religious dimension that’s fully fluid, and it’s all formed by our ideas.

And that by harnessing this data, anybody can manifest a actuality that draws something you need, together with stunning, clever girls.

It’s possible you’ll be asking, is Tony hitting the pipeweed? Properly, simply hear me out.

Actuality Transurfing

A few years in the past a pal who ran down the pua rabbit gap with me handed me this e book known as “Actuality Transurfing,” by Vadim Zeland.

What’s the e book about? Principally, think about you’re watching totally different variations of your life on TV – every channel represents a special path you might take.

What in the event you had the power to vary the channel and hop onto a totally totally different life path?

It’s as if there are countless prepare tracks weaving via limitless “realities” or “potentials,” some resulting in catastrophe, others resulting in nice riches, energy, love, wealth, and freedom.

With the best focus, via meditation, perception and intention, you’ll be able to leap from one observe to a different, altering the trail of your life fully.

I’ve been utilizing this as the bottom of my very own meditations for fourteen years now. Does it work? Who is aware of? However I’ve had a reasonably kick-ass relationship life, that’s for certain.

So, it doesn’t damage, to say the least.

For those who don’t know how you can meditate, right here’s a information on meditation I wrote on GirlsChase.com.

Meditation for Attracting Extra Girls

In your meditation, the bottom line is to visualise on the result as if you have already got it.

Think about your self strolling down the road, and exquisite girls are checking you out. You’ve got a magnetic, charismatic presence and they’re merely drawn to you. All you must do is open your mouth, say good day, and so they’re immediately hooked.

Your life is stuffed with romance now. You’ve got intercourse everytime you need, with probably the most stunning girls.

Life is a good journey, and you like your life.

You’ve got too many dates. Your greatest downside is selecting who to spend your time with.

And you’re feeling so good, you’ll be able to really feel good feelings simply coursing via your physique, radiating optimistic power out to the world, and it attracts girls proper again to you.

That’s it. You will get inventive. You can meditate this fashion on cash, freedom, or well being.

Consider You Already Have it

The secret is to think about that you have already got what you need. You’re not begging the Universe, or God for what you don’t have.

For those who inform the Universe “I’m lonely please ship me a girl.” All it hears is “Lonely,” and that’s what you’ll get extra of.

While you meditate on abundance, like: “I’ve limitless romance in my life.” The Universe will manifest this actuality for you. That’s the speculation anyway.

Nonetheless, you’ll be able to’t be passive. This isn’t simply optimistic considering, or mindfulness. You first visualize and really feel the longer term you need as if you have already got it, and you then take motion.

Meditate and Then Take Motion

This isn’t simply optimistic considering and no motion.

So, in the event you visualize your self with a ravishing spouse, you then have to put your self in conditions the place you might meet her. That could be on the mall, the seashore, or at a celebration.

Then, in the event you’ve accomplished your meditations the Universe will perceive you want to shift into this new actuality, the place girls are discovered with ease, and that’s the truth you’ll exist in.

Yeah… woo-woo. However I swear by it.

I’m no knowledgeable in Quantum physics, however the concept we consciously manipulate our actuality merely by observing it does have a robust basis in science.

We Create Our Actuality by Concentrating on it

Have you ever heard of the double-slit experiment?

[embedded content]

When small particles, like electrons or photons, are fired at a barrier with two slits, they create an interference sample on a display screen behind it, as in the event that they behave like waves.

Nonetheless, when the particles are noticed or measured to find out which slit they cross via, the interference sample disappears, and so they behave like particular person particles.

This phenomenon means that particles can exist in a number of states concurrently, exhibiting each wave-like and particle-like behaviours.

Principally, actuality is manipulated by the act of observing it, or consciously fascinated with it. #science.

Faith has all the time recognized this

If you’d like anecdotal proof, simply analysis the basic teachings of almost each historical faith, from the Christians, Hindus, Sumerians, or Hermetics, and on and on.

All of them say basically the identical factor, that there’s a increased energy, and in the event you comply with a sure algorithm, you’ll be able to obtain God-like energy and knowledge your self.

Mark 11:24 (NIV): “Subsequently I let you know, no matter you ask for in prayer, consider that you’ve acquired it, and it is going to be yours.”

The Bible (undecided which one)

Surah Ar-Ra’d, 13:11: “Certainly, Allah won’t change the situation of a folks till they modify what’s in themselves…”


The Dhammapada, Verse 1: “We’re what we expect. All that we’re arises with our ideas. With our ideas, we make the world.”

Buddhist textual content

Manifestation Requires Dedication

Whereas faith might name it praying, or a brand new age cult might name it alchemic divining, the method is similar: You have to visualize what you need as if you have already got it, really feel the feelings of that final result, after which transfer in direction of your purpose believing you already achieved it.

Manifestation not straightforward. It requires large perception, focus, and dedication

All I’ve is anecdotal proof from my very own life, however I select to consider as a result of… why the fuck not?

The Secret is Adequate for Hulk Hogan

Don’t take my phrase for it. Right here’s Hulk Hogan speaking about how he used The Secret to vary his life.

[embedded content]

If it’s ok for The Hulkster, it’s ok for me.

You don’t want numerous time or power to do that. Simply take ten or twenty minutes a day, sit in silence, and meditate on what you need as if you have already got it. The secret is to “really feel” the consequence, as your emotion is the “ship” button for the Universe to obtain your directions.

That’s about it.

Simply know, the outcomes for myself are by no means on the spot. I really feel it’s like going to the health club or weight-reduction plan. The work you set in in the present day will provide you with outcomes months from now. In my expertise, this manifestation stuff works the identical method.

And it’s essential to actively work in direction of attaining, or manifesting these targets. You possibly can’t simply want for extra girls then jerk off and play Xbox.

Till subsequent time.

Tony Depp


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